Free Software Operating Systems

I believe software should be free and should be able to be traded around. As Bill Gates stated, the customers already pay for the hardware and it would be an extra for people to pay for the software as well. In addition, software should be free because “our freedom and our community’s freedom” is on the line. “If you think that freedom and community are important for their own sake, please join us in proudly using the term “free software”, and help spread the word”.GnuTuxSoftRevolution-v1

Agency vs. Autonomy

Agency is when you have choices to make and you pick one of them “randomly”. Based on how you have acted previously, the probability of repeating that action is higher than acting a different way.

On the other hand, Autonomy is when you look at something and judge what you should do based on your emotions and personality. Autonomy is human-like so you act based on your characteristics. This is the main difference between Autonomy and Agency.

For computers, they have a lot of agency. As of now, we are unable to make the computer detect and have a personality or emotion effectively so we use Markov Chains and have different probabilities of picking different decisions. For example, the prom week game records how the player acts in different scenarios. Based on these actions, the probability of these actions occurring is greater.

If I had Autonomy and Agency, it would mean that my personality controls my decisions and that I have choices to make in life. It’s a good thing to have autonomy and agency.

Part of My Proposal

Abstract: Mobile robotics are autonomous machines that are able to maneuver themselves or complete service actions. Mobile robotics uses robotic mapping and sensors to move around and ensure that it does not collide with other obstacles. This paper focuses on how these robots are programmed or use maps to accomplish their tasks. In the programming aspect, many conditionals and loops are employed. However, when the robot learns from a foreign teacher, the control code is automatically passed into the robot.
Introduction: I was really interested in Robotics and the idea of Artificially Intelligent robots due to its obvious significance in the near future. Mobile Robotics will play an important role in making life easier for us in the future. One way that we would benefit from Artificially Intelligent Robots is that they will watch over and care for the senior citizens who are too weak to survive by themselves. In addition, for these seniors that are unable to drive, autonomous cars will be able to drive them around safely. This would help create a safer and happier world. This idea is what piqued my interest in Mobile Robotics.

Approach: There are different ways to create the software for Robots. One way is through system identification where the robot will observe a human go through a set of certain actions. This is basically teaching the robot by human demonstration. Based on how the human does it, the Robot will simply copy the human and store the directions in code. This code is called control code and is used by the robot to execute actions. This form of an artificially intelligent robot avoids much programming from a human.

The other way is to write conditional statements and tell the robot to do what to do when it faces certain obstacles. For example, if it is on track to hit a wall (it would know this based on an ultrasonic sensor), it would stop. And then, it would decide which way to turn and continue on its path. This sort of programming is more basic as there is a limit to where the robot can go as there are an infinite number of scenarios but a finite number of conditionals. This kind of program is used for our robot. Whenever it sees an obstacle, it backs up and moves in a different direction. Also, the robot also has light sensors that are facing the ground. Whenever it senses something white, or light, it knows that it is going in the wrong angle and turns back. This action simulates a car driving off a lane and then moving back to the center of the lane.
Applications: Patrolbot is a robot that monitors a building and executes tasks given by the owner. The patrolbot scans the entire building and creates a map of the whole building so that it knows how to maneuver through the building. The programming style is that of Monte Carlo or Markov. It is able to circumnavigate around new obstacles to find its way around the building. It also has knowledge of where the charging station is so it automatically goes to the charging station when it is low on battery. Using a wifi system, a human can give commands to the robot to complete certain tasks. The way the robot knows what to do is that the owner creates task names and gives instructions to the robot. These tasks are stored with the robot. From then on, the owner can just ask the robot to do a task and from its memory, the robot will comply.


Google Car:
“Our automated cars use video cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder to “see” other traffic, as well as detailed maps (which we collect using manually driven vehicles) to navigate the road ahead. This is all made possible by Google’s data centers, which can process the enormous amounts of information gathered by our cars when mapping their terrain. The device, a Velodyne 64-beam laser, generates a detailed 3D map of the environment. The car then combines the laser measurements with high-resolution maps of the world, producing different types of data models that allow it to drive itself while avoiding obstacles and respecting traffic laws. The vehicle also carries other sensors, which include: four radars, mounted on the front and rear bumpers, that allow the car to “see” far enough to be able to deal with fast traffic on freeways; a camera, positioned near the rear-view mirror, that detects traffic lights; and a GPS, inertial measurement unit, and wheel encoder, that determine the vehicle’s location and keep track of its movements. When it’s the autonomous vehicle’s turn to drive itself, it compares the data it is acquiring to the previously recorded data, an approach that is useful to differentiate pedestrians from stationary objects like poles and mailboxes.
At one point the car stops at an intersection. After the light turns green, the car starts a left turn, but there are pedestrians crossing. No problem: It yields to the pedestrians, and even to a guy who decides to cross at the last minute.”


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Upcoming Conference
This conference is held on September 28th and 29th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The last time it met was in September of 2012. I am interested in attending this conference as it delves into the arts of building robots and programming them to do daily activities. Their “goal is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working in and around the world”. I find this conference to be very interesting and informative which is why I would like to attend it. For my final project, I am engineering a robot to self-drive and complete certain actions. Since the conference would cover some topics that would be in my best interest to know about, I feel like I would benefit greatly from going.



This is my game of BlackJack. Although the graphics are poor due to the lack of time, the game is still able to be played. The computer counts cards and based on what cards have already come out and what cards are yet to be played, the computer is able to decide whether to stay or hit. I was never able to beat the computer but above is my best result. The TIE

Nigerian Prince

If I was talking to a random person, I would say that AI is giving non-human beings human-like thinking skills and human-like acting skills. For example, you would be able to have a conversation with a computer and feel as if it is completely normal. AI is not talking on Skype or chatting on Messenger because there is another human being controlling the other side of the conversation. They should understand this by now or else I’m not sure what else to say.



The tragic event to Trayvon Martin’s death has spurred some controversy with regards to having surveillance cameras. I believe that these surveillance systems should be placed on streets and public locations rather than inside houses. If the owner of the house wants, he or she could employ a system of his or her own. Although this may seem like an intrusion of privacy and a similar scene like in 1984 with Big Brother, the only way to maintain justice is to instill a surveillance system.




Imperative programming is when you tell the computer what to do and the computer does what you tell it to do.
Functional programming is when the computer uses expressions to do a task instead of taking in plain statements.
Declarative programming is telling the computer what the final result should be instead of telling the computer how to do it.



I am now a novice programmer and engineer from Washington. I want to be a savvy veteran programmer and engineer from Washington. I want to be able to create new programs or build new mechanisms that would be able to change the world. A scientist is more about theory and learning concepts while an engineer is the one who applies these concepts and constructs useful machines.